Alaskan Malamute


Adult Height: 58cm-70cm

Adult Weight: 34kg-56kg

Exercise per day: at least 120 mins

Shed Amount: High




With their plume-like tails, unique looks and affectionate temperaments, it’s no surprise that the Alaskan Malamute is a popular pet for dog lovers across the world. While they make much-loved pets, these loyal dogs originated in Alaska where they were traditionally used to pull sleds across the snow. In fact, they still pull sleds in many countries across the world today and it’s easy to see why they suit their job role so perfectly. Their dense, double coat helps to protect them in all weathers (they even have fur inside their ears to keep them warm!) and their incredible stamina helps them cover long distances with their cargo. But it’s certainly not all work and no play. These social, affectionate dogs love to be around people and they often make wonderful family pets for the right home.


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